Thickening silica, an ideal thickening choice for medium and high-grade toothpaste, providing suitable viscosity

• High degree of whiteness with uniform particle size distribution.

•Good compatibility with fluorine, and can be used in all kinds of fluoride toothpastes.

•Good compatibility with essences and other ingredients in toothpaste.

•Medium to high viscosity and transparency, compound with abrasive silica can provide suitable viscosity.

Applications: As thickening agent applied in medium to high-end toothpaste, with suitable viscosity.

Usage instructions: 3%-8% addition, use with abrasive silica in toothpaste formula.

Storage : Product should be stored in a desiccated and ventilated environment away from fire and heat source, Try to avoid direct sunlight and seal the package; Do not pile up; keep away from chlorine trifluoride and avoid mixed storage.

Packaging : 10kg/bag

Safety and handling : Please wear dust mask and clothes; Prevent inhalation of dust.

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