Carrier silica has excellent absorption effect and can be used as a carrier for active materials.

•FOMESIL 167 Carrier agent is odorless, tasteless, and insoluble in water

•Fine powder with high porosity, high purity and excellent whiteness.

•Excellent compatibility and adsorption with bioactive compounds.

•High oil absorption, low Specific Surface Area, can effectively adsorb medications or bioactive particles and prevent aggregation or degradation.

Applications:can be used in food, medicine, feed, etc. to increase the hardness of tablets, improve the fluidity of powder, and prevent powder particles and tablets from agglomerating.

Usages: Disperse FOMESIL 167 evenly in the product; the recommended addition is 0.1%-5.0%, depending on the size and properties of the host powder.

Storage : Product should be stored in a desiccated and ventilated environment away from fire and heat source, avoid direct sunlight; Do not pile up; avoid mixed storage.

Packaging : 15kg/bag

Safety and handling : Please wear dust mask and clothes; Prevent inhalation of dust; make sure the operating environment is well ventilated.

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