Oral cleaning

Oral Cleaning

Hydrated silica has a variety of uses in toothpaste, depending on the specific formulation, production process and different particle size.

According to an article in the Journal of the Pakistan Dental Association: Toothpaste with silica as an abrasive agent helps to remove plaque and other food residues from the teeth. Besides, hydrated silica with a higher abrasive value can also help to remove colored stains such as tea stains and tobacco stains on the surface of teeth, make it useful as a cleaning and whitening agent in toothpaste. In addition, hydrated silica can also act as a thickener, helping to form the consistency of toothpaste.

Our ORASIL™  Oral Care Series silica can fully cover all the above mentioned effects: ORASIL 165 with excellent thickening properties, ORASIL 112 for sensitive teeth, the best-selling friction agent ORASIL 114 and 116, and ORASIL 107 with excellent cleaning ability.

JSJ can make almost all the equivalent silica in the markets and we provide customized services according to market needs. And all these are aid to JSJ's experienced Research & Development team and advance technology mechanisms.


There are various abrasive agents for toothpaste, but due to the low hardness of hydrated silica, it can remove plaque and stains without harming teeth. In addition, the safety of hydrated silica is approved by the FDA which lists it as recognized as safe (GRAS). According to the FDA's GRAS committee, hydrated silica is biologically inert, which means they will not react in the body and the toothpaste will be more stable at different pH values.

Oral care silica or abrasive silica 摩擦型二氧化硅,牙膏摩擦剂

In addition, thanks to our experienced R&D team, we can provide functional silica with different functions, such as:

ORASIL 709 Anti-sensitive silica that can block the dentin tubules and have an anti-sensitive effect.

ORASIL 715 with unique sensual taste and good effect

ORASIL 755 is a combination of abrasive  thickening agent, it also has high cleaning and low wear ability.

ORASIL 3165 There are also wrapped particles , bioglass.

All JSJ products will bring unique sensory and functional enhancements to your toothpaste.

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