Friction type silica, with medium cleaning value, high transparency and viscosity.

• The product has high whiteness and uniform particle size distribution;

• It has high fluorine compatibility and can be widely used in various fluoride toothpastes;

• It has good compatibility with other toothpaste components such as flavors;

• It has a medium friction cleaning value, high transparency and high viscosity.

Friction performance: The powder copper consumption value is 3.0mg; Ra value is 0.243μm; RDA value is 95; PCR value is 75.

Transparency: The refractive index is 1.435-1.460, and the light transmittance is ≥90%.

Application direction: As a friction agent, it can be used in toothpastes with medium friction cleaning value or high transparency to provide suitable friction cleaning performance.

Usage: In the transparent toothpaste formula, 15%-20% of the additive amount and thickening silica are used for compounding.

Storage recommendations: Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse; moisture-proof; away from fire; avoid direct sunlight; sealed packaging. Do not stack pallets; it should be stored separately from the chlorine trifluoride, and should not be mixed storage. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.

Packing specification: 20kg/bag or 475kg/ton bag.

Health and safety notice information: use personal protective equipment; avoid inhalation of dust; ensure good ventilation.

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