Food anti-caking



Precipitated Silica are used as free flowing, carriers and anti-caking agents with many fields of application, such as food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.


In food, feed, pharmaceutical and other industries, even after storage and transportation, powders needs to remain pourable without caking. Once the agglomeration occurs, it will affect the product's appearance and function. Moreover, serious damages may happen to the production equipment and the food deterioration may cause some safety accidents. Therefore, anti-caking agent is very important.


Food Anti-caking agent silica


When processing powdered food or during the storage, the moisture in the air around the powder or the oily components in the product will bind or aggregate the main powder particles. This process is repeated gradually, and it will roll into a bigger and bigger snowball and eventually clumps up. Therefore, the most important indicator of the free flowing and anti-caking agent in the powder is the oil absorption rate.

The oil absorption value reflects the size of the internal pore structure of the anti-caking agent to a certain extent, and our FOMESIL™ series Silica has a very high oil absorption and excellent pore structure, which can absorb water and oily ingredients to a great extent, so that the powder can be kept dry and avoid agglomeration.


Food Anti-caking additives


In addition, the pourability of the powder is very important for the powder experience or production requirements (free flowing effect). JSJ Group's  FOMESIL™  silica can ensure good storage time stability and prevent caking for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and feed applications, making them very effective even added in small amounts.

Even if the substance is very easy to agglomerate, it’s storage durability and fluidity can be significantly improved after adding FOMESIL™ series products.