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March 11, 2013: it is difficult to open the toothpaste

Date:2020/12/11 Type:Company news

Toothpaste is also cosmetics, and is about the most widely used daily chemical products in civilized society. Everyone has to contact this product every day and is very familiar with it. However, only a few people know that toothpaste has been included in the category of cosmetics as early as 2008 in the new regulations on the management of cosmetics labeling. Cosmetics sales channels generally include supermarkets, counters, exclusive stores and e-commerce. However, it is very difficult for us to see the emergence of toothpaste in channels other than supermarkets. If consumers want to buy toothpaste, they can only buy it in supermarkets and convenience stores. As a cosmetic, why is it difficult to open the door when toothpaste is interrupted?

Why is the sales channel of toothpaste limited to supermarkets? This is mainly due to the consistent consumption inertia of toothpaste. Although toothpaste is classified as cosmetics, consumers have been used to buying toothpaste in Shang Chao. Most consumers think that toothpaste should be similar to daily necessities, such as soap and bath products, while cosmetics are relatively fashionable products such as cream, make-up and perfume. It is precisely because of this concept of consumers that many shops that know toothpaste belongs to cosmetics still refuse to put toothpaste on their shelves, because toothpaste will lead consumers to think that the store is not professional enough and sell products unrelated to cosmetics.


For the sales terminal, it is a "thankless" thing to sell toothpaste as cosmetics. The product profit of toothpaste industry is low, and the transparency of product cost and profit is relatively high. Moreover, due to the limitation of advertisement and brand, toothpaste can not lay the market foundation through store promotion and publicity like other cosmetics. Consumers usually choose famous brand products. In this way, the terminal sales of toothpaste products have low profits and high costs. It is also natural for many chain stores and counters to refuse toothpaste entry.

Although in recent years, with the help of the promotion of local culture, some toothpaste brands have opened up their own path and established a high price toothpaste market. For example, Yunnan Baiyao, with the price of each single product above 20 yuan, has a qualitative improvement compared with ordinary toothpaste products. But compared with cosmetics, it is still very difficult. To ensure the quality of products, product visibility and terminal costs, even if the high price products are still very small profits. Under such circumstances, it is impossible for toothpaste brands to enter shopping malls and have their own counters like other cosmetics brands. Even if online shopping malls are specially set up, it will be difficult to make good profits because of the single product.

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