Thickening silicon dioxide can be used in ointments and other pastes to adjust the rheology of the paste, so that the shape of the paste is full and does not collapse, and it is easier to squeeze.

• High degree of whiteness with uniform particle size distribution.

•Fine powder with high porosity, high purity and good oil absorption.

•High viscosity and transparency, can meet different demand of texture and looking of the cream, ointment or paste.

Applications: As thickening agent applied in high-end paste, cream or ointment, with suitable viscosity.

Usage instructions: 3%-8% amount of addition.

Storage : Product should be stored in a desiccated and ventilated environment away from fire and heat source, Try to avoid direct sunlight and seal the package; Do not pile up; keep away from chlorine trifluoride and avoid mixed storage.

Packaging : 10kg/bag

Safety and handling : Please wear dust mask and clothes; Prevent inhalation of dust.


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